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Mr. MountieThis section was created as a place for these and other Class of 1963 documents in a password protected directory:

  • PDF Version of 50th Anniversary Reunion Booklet
  • Updates to 50th Anniversary Reunion Booklet
  • 1963 Tower Yearbook

LOG-IN HERE - You'll need the user name and password to log on to the actual page at classmates/classmates-passprot.html and if your name and address are in our MailChimp database, it has been emailed to you. It is the same user name and password for all classmates. Write it down and save it in your special place for such things. I keep all of mine in a Bama Mayonnaise jar on a shelf in the garage. Hopefully, this "one word fits all" plan will work out OK, but if not, I'll look into a more sophisticated scheme. If the password changes, an email will be sent to all the addresses in our MailChimp database, so keep the notification message that was sent to you with the original password, and use the "update" link at the bottom of it to keep your email address up to date.

"Why is this necessary?" you ask. The main reason is that we want to keep such things as names, biographies and email addresses of classmates private. Other documents and information may also be posted in this section that would not be appropriate for us to share with the general public. So, please do not share the password. If you do, Lunchroom Monitor Thelma Leake will send you to the back of the line!

If you are not on our MailChimp mailing list, or did not send in your bio information for the 50th Reunion Booklet, please REGISTER HERE. We need current email addresses to send everyone monthly news and announcements about future reunion activities. The online version of the booklet has been posted along with updates to include missing classmates and changes to existing entries.

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Lunchroom Ladies Ella Martin, Thelma Leake and Ruth Proffitt