TowerShades Valley Class of 1963

Pre-Valley Photos

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Phillies Coach Thompson
Phillies Baseball Team with Coach Roger Thompson (circa 1956)

Thanks to Pat Stevens '63 for sending this photo. If you can identify the missing names, please contact us.
Front: ____;   Claude Matthews; ____;   Harry Ruffin?;  Coach Thompson;  Dennis Corn;  Steve Hunt;
Back:   Rip Pfeiffer;  ____; Tommy Hooten;  ____; ____; ____;   Pat Stevens; ____;

Homewood Junior High All Stars
Homewood Little League All Stars (circa 1957-58)
Shades Valley Sun

Thanks to Pat Stevens '63 for sending this photo.

Shades Mountain Little League All Stars
Shades Mountain Little League All Stars (circa 1957-58)
Shades Valley Sun

Thanks to Pat Stevens '63 for sending this photo.

Vestavia Birdwatchers Clubs 1954
Vestavia Elementary Junior Audubon Clubs (circa 1954)
Shades Valley Sun

Thanks to Pat Stevens '63 for sending this photo.

Edgewood Elementary Class (P-Z) Photo
Edgewood Elementary, 1st Grade Homeroom Class (Last Names P to Z)

Thanks to Bob Vick '63 for sending this photo. He also prepared a photo key shown below with the names of his classmates.
If you can identify the missing names, please contact us.

1. Tommy Stancel; 2. Don Wilson; 3. Bill Trotter; 4. Stacy Williams; 5. Billy?; 6. Tommy Smith; 7. Haden White; 8. ?;
9. Harry Ruffin; 10. Jimmy Weems; 11. Bobby Vick; 12. Jill Wilson; 13. Lee Terrell; 14. ?; 15. ?;
16. Billy Viehman; 17. ?; 18. ?; 19. Joan ?; 20. ?; 21. ?; 22. Beth Philips;
23. ?; 24. ?; 25. Sue?; 26. Jean?; 27. Danna Robertson; 28. ?

Edgewood Elementary   Class (P-Z) key

6th Grade Mt. Brook Elementary
Mountain Brook Elementary School 6th Grade Class of 1957

Front Row: Margaret Sutliff; Catherine Coe; Susan Pharo; Dorothy Beeler; Shelley Gearhart; Muffin Luks; Sally Vann; Virginia Simpson; Jean Caldwell; Suzanne Grainger; Faye Kimerling; Susan Levin;
Middle Row: Leslie Bonfield; Susan Westnedge; Rainer Lamar; Elin Berk; Edna Brengelman;
Back Row: Jack Riley; Joseph Stern; Jim Speaker; Lee Swann; Larry Greer; B.G. Minisman; Johnny Henley; Drennen Jones; David Vaughn; Lee Shook; Mike Goodrich; Jim Erwin.

Thanks to Jack Riley '63 for sending these 2 photos.

Pack 353
Cub Scout Pack 353 in the Shades Valley Sun, circa 1953

Standing: Jack Riley; Lee Swann; Reese Ganster; Johnny Henley; Donald Henderson;
Seated: Nick Greenwood; Drennen Jones; Jim Erwin.

6th Grade Vestavia Elem.
Vestavia Hills Elementary - Grade 6-B Mrs. Evans Homeroom

Row 1: Mrs. Lois Evans; Henry Battle; Gordon Hensley; Robert Monroe; Joy Willen; Bill Burgess; Marta Mitchell; Wayne Mesaghian; Buddy Hayes;
Row 2: Phyllis Johnson; Tommy Falkner; Bill Rose; Beth Phillips;
Row 3: Robert Smith; Dianna Rhodes; Phillip Hager; Karen Butler; Michael Schuster; Pat Stevens; Anne King; Douglas O'Neil;
Row 4: Marsha Burgin; Avery Sloan; Bobbi Lloyd; Bill Hare; Lynn Walcher; Jimmy Wyatt; Janet Wuerhmann; Tommy Hooten; Andrea Curl;
Row 5: Denny Reid; Pat Ball; Sam Ratcliffe; Nancy Ann Cheives; Tommy Lohr; Betsy McDaniel; Claude Matthews; Susan Stackhouse; Jack Barnacastle; Lynn Ramsey (not pictured).

Vestavia Elementary-1955
Vestavia Hills Elementary - Grade 5 Mrs. Hutchinson

Please help identify these classmates. See 2nd photo below for numbers of the names we guessed so far:

1- Gordon Hensley; 2-Barbara Landis; 3-Jimmy Nunnelly; 4-John Hafling;
5- Braxton Pitts; 6-____; 7-Douglas O'Neil; 8- Bill Rose;
9-____; 10- Tommy Faulkner; 11- Karen Butler; 12- Dianna Rhodes; 13- Sandra Ratcliffe; 14-Dianne Stansell; 15- Sharon Sadlo; 16-Phyllis Johnson(?); 17-Mrs. Hutchinson;
18- Janet Wuerhmann; 19- Marsha Burgin; 20- Phillip Hager; 21- Nancy Ann Chieves (?); 22-____; 23-Linda McNees; 24-____;
25-Marta Mitchell; 26-Tommy Lohr; 27- Joy Willen(?) or Sally Munson (?); 28-Pat Stevens (?); 29-Michael Schuster;
30- Dottie Cheatham; 31-Anne King (?); 32-James Miller; 33- Clint Bolte; 34- ____ .

Vestavia Elementary- 5th Grade
Vestavia Elementary - Grade 5

baseball team at Homewood Jr. High
1960 Baseball Team - Homewood Junior High

Top Row: Chris Collins; Clint Bolte; Bob Kerr; Tom Hooten; Gene Holloway; Gary Russell;
2nd Row: Coach Pat Upton; Billy Huxford; Bill Viehman; John Timmons; Pat Stevens; Jimmy Dobbins; David Sutter; Joe Hall;
3rd Row: Charley Fisher; Grady Lloyd; Johnny Smith; Claude Matthews; Orrin Ford;
Bottom Row: Bruce Huxford; Eddie Jenkins; Stuart Upton (Team Mascot); Walter Wallace; Willis Bass; Ed Mullins (Manager).

1959 Football Team at Homewood Jr. High
1959 Football Team - Homewood Junior High

Please help identify those without captions.

Top Row: Coach ____; Johnny Smith; ; ____; ____; Clint Bolte; Jim Burton; ____; Jimmy Hutto; Coach ____;
2nd Row: Chris Collins; Bob Hewes; ___; ___; ___; Hugh Alford; Donnie Andrews; ____;
3rd Row: ____; Tommy Haggerty; Bill Meadows; Gary Griffith; Kenny Peters; Lyle Key; Burton Kibble; ____;
Bottom Row: Fred Boswell; Billy Huxford; Bob Kerr; ____; Alan Rogers; Eddie Propst; Charley Fisher.