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  • 35th - 1998 (please send us photos!)
  • 25th - 1988 (please send us photos!)

Christmas Meet & Greets

Misc. Photos

Pre-High School

Other Photos

  • Favorite Hangouts & Icons - Dale's Hideway, Pig Trail Inn, Burger-in-A-Hurry, Jack's Hamburger's, Pasquales' Pizza, Ariel Drugs, Dobbs House/Toddle House (Mt. Brook Village), Eastwood Mall, WSGN, WILD/WIDE/WYDE, WVOK, downtown theaters, Legion Field, Rickwood Field, Lane Park/Birmingham Zoo, Drive-In Movies, Homewood Pool, Hollywood Club (pool), Birmingham, Mountain Brook & Vestavia Country Clubs, Gold Nuggett, Young's Shoe Shop, Club 280, The Clover Club, Ben's Barn, Miami Supper Club, and the "Log Cabin"
  • Party & Event Photos - SVHS Dances, Senior Prom, Homecoming, SVHS football games, concerts and theatricals, Mountie Day, Class Day, leadouts, picnics, etc.

  • Spring Break - dig out those Panama City Beach photos and scan them for us!


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