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  As part of '63 Celebrates 60! we've updated our website that was created back in 2013. The Internet has changed a lot since then, so now we're "responsive" to improve the way our pages look on visitors' cellphones, tablets and TVs as well as desktop PCs and laptops. We also have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate installed on our server.
    Although we have a new look, most of our page addresses remain the same. Visit the
About Us Page to read about the original building and how Shades Valley High School came to be. Visit the News Page for 60th Reunion activities, other recent happenings, announcements, news items and obituaries. Please send items of interest to be included there to webmaster@svhs1963.com.

'63 Celebrates 60!  Report

80 classmates, spouses and guests attended the May 20th Dinner/Dance.
    It's hard to believe that 60 years have have gone by since most of us walked across the stage back in May 1963 to receive our diplomas and shake hands with Dr. Peake. We celebrated that event at the 60th Reunion on May 19-20.
    Visit the
60th Reunion Page and read about the '63 Celebrates 60! Reunion Weekend. Please send us your photos to add to the 60th Reunion Gallery.

Missing Classmates
     This year, we are again making a special effort to contact everyone including those "missing" due to outdated or no contact information on file. Help us find the "missing"!     Please look at this list of the missing and share any contact information you may have by emailing webmaster@svhs1963.com.

First Update for 60th Anniversary Directory
(1/15/24) The second update to the 60th Anniversary Directory is online. It contains new or updated listings and photos for 5 classmates. All updated names are in green.
(12/4/23) The first update to the
60th Anniversary Directory is online. It contains new or updated listings and photos for 13 classmates. All updated names are in green.
(10/16/23) After several months, the new
60th Anniversary Directory is online. Thanks to those who responded! We needed everyone's cooperation with updating the old 50th Directory to create the 60th, but many responses were late in arriving (or not at all) and so the 60th was delayed until now. We will continue to update it throughout 2023 and beyond, so please send your new or updated info. If you did not update in 2023, the only data from your old 2013 50th bio that was used in the 60th was your name and valid email address, so please update your listing with new data

Existing Listings
    To update your existing listing, refer to a recent e-blast and use the "update subscription preferences" button at the bottom of it, OR send your updated bio (and photos, too!) in an email to webmaster@svhs1963.com.

Never been listed? Create a "new" listing.
    If we do not have a valid email address for you then you are "missing" and did not receive an eblast notice. Please create a new listing by going to
this page. Required data will include your name, address, phone and email.

Directory is for Everyone
    Everyone should update their listing or create a new one even if you did not attend the reunion. The
60th Anniversary Directory is for everyone in our class and is available in the password protected Classmates Only section of our website.

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Classmates Only Pages
 The Classmates Only Section was created in 2013 as a way to provide directories, documents and other information to members of our class in a secure password protected section on our website. Class members must use a password to log into the section. If your email address is in our database, a password was emailed to you in a recent e-blast. If you did not receive it, send an email with your name and address to webmaster@svhs1963.com.

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